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Point Break Drama’s 2014 Production, A Midsummer Night’s Dream



Welcome to the audition information page for Point Break Drama’s 2017  teen / young adult production of Shakespeare’s The Tempest, slated to be performed in early November, 2017


Please read all information on this page thoroughly before applying.

Please read all information on this page thoroughly before applying.

Please read all information on this page thoroughly before applying.


Point Break Drama has become a bona-fide Theatre company in recent times, with seven productions staged in the last three years. They include the highly successful & inspiring productions of Romeo & Juliet ( 2013 & 2016) utilising a Teen and Adult cast, a contemporary adaptation of Hamlet ( 2014) with an adult cast, then fun and hilarious teen versions of both A Midsummer night’s Dream (2014) and As You Like It (2015) & fun adult production of Much Ado About Nothing (2015). Earlier this year Point Break produced it’s first Macbeth.

The Tempest

A tale of revenge, redemption, personal growth, hatred, love, slavery and – ultimately – coconuts.

Prospero’s quest for vengeance is obsessive, blinding him to his own short-sighted – and cynical view of the world. Through his love for his daughter – and his increasing awareness of his treatment of both Ariel and Caliban – he comes to an understanding of not only a humanist world view, but also of himself.



On their cruise home from a royal wedding in Africa, a European ruler and his closest advisors are marooned on an uncharted island. Political wheeling and dealing must take a backseat as their mysterious host – Prospero – carries out a program of what seems to be hell-bent revenge, but soon shifts into something more profound.

Love, loyalties and trust will be challenged as magic takes us into a deeper understanding of what it means not only to be human, but also humane to others.

Their encounter with Prospero, Miranda, and the island’s inhabitants will change them all forever – and not necessarily in the way they might each think.


Point Break Drama expects the highest level of commitment and dedication to the work, and people interested in excellence need only apply.

Participants will be expected to make every effort to attend all rehearsals. Actors and parents (if actors under 18), must consider the commitment carefully. Core dates and rehearsal days are at the bottom of this page. A detailed rehearsal schedule for first few weeks, will be released after the play is cast, so all participants will understand their responsibilities.

This is a non-for profit Production, however in order to cover the costs of paying professional directors & choreographers , there is a fee involved for the duration of the production of just $360 per participant.  This fee does not cover the costs associated with the production. These will be met by Point Break Drama. Any profit made from ticket sales will be put into future productions.

Key Details of Production
  • Performance/ tech week will be Wed 2nd November – Sat 11th November
  • Rehearsals will be held regularly on Thurs nights (6.30pm-10pm) & Saturday’s from (2pm- 6pm). Starting Thurs August 17th.
  • Extra full day rehearsals to be held on Saturdays. See bottom of this page for details
  • Fee to be involved is $360. (To be paid before rehearsals commence. Direct deposit or Cash only)
  • A free copy of script will be given to each participant.
Audition details

All auditions will take place on Saturday July 29th, 2017 at the Point Break Drama studio(28 Fisher Rd Dee Why). Applicants will need to keep the day free. To audition please follow the following process carefully:

  1. Read the play ( Available online ‘ No Fear Shakespeare”)
  2. Choose a role or roles you would like to audition for.
  3. Click Here for Character Breakdown.
  4. Prepare a 1- 2min monologue from either The Tempest, or from another of Shakespeare’s comedies.
  5. Be familiar with scenes involving your character as you may be asked to cold-read.
  6. Email us at with a request for an audition time indicating name, age, contact info, basic performance experience( 4 lines max), singing & Dancing capabilities and the name part or parts you would like to audition for.
  7. Please No CV’s at this stage.
  8. Please note applicants under 18 must have parental authorization to audition. A parent or guardian must request an audition time.
  9. Audition request Deadline is July 28th (Note: pending availability).
  10. Keep entire day of Saturday July 29th free. After initial audition you may be asked to return later in the day to read with another actor.
  11. Anyone can audition but roles will be given to the best applicants.
  12. Auditioning is free however do not request an audition time to gain audition experience, if you know you are unavailable for the production..
  13. Applicants must arrive 15 min’s prior to audition time to fill out information form.
  14. Bring a Head shot & CV to the audition only. DO NOT EMAIL.
Audition Tips
  • Choose a character or characters from the breakdown provided that is close to your age.
  • Audition for the role of your choosing, but be familiar with other characters in the play.
  • Audition monologues should be short ( 1- 2 mins max)
  • Try to show an emotional journey and the character your auditioning for in your monologue presentation.
  • Understand every word and phrase that you utter. This is one of the keys to performing Shakespeare.
  • Get some tips on performing Shakespeare from sites like
  • Go to the Enotes page “strategies for understanding Shakespearean language”
  • Read thoroughly the character breakdown before preparing.


Tech week

Thurs 2nd November – Monday 6th November (No rehearsal on Sunday 5th)

Crew Only: Wed 1st November  6pm-10pm.(Stage, lights, windows)

Dress  Rehearsals ( all Cast/crew):

Thurs 2nd November 6pm -10pm

Fri 3rd November 6pm-10pm

Sat 4th November 2pm-10pm

Mon 6th November – Final Dress Run 6pm-10pm


7.30pm showtime

1 x Saturday Matinee at 2pm

6.00pm Call-time for Cast

Tuesday 7th November – Opening night

Wednesday 8th November

Thursday 9th November

Friday 10th November

Saturday 11th November- 2pm Matinee

Saturday 11th November- 7.30pm Closing Night

 1st read through – whole cast

Thur 17th August 6pm-10pm

Performers will be asked for measurements, to fill out Photo/ Performance forms & Performance agreements

Regular Rehearsal Times

All Cast will need to keep Thursday evenings & Saturdays Arvo /early evenings free for Rehearsals, although not all cast will be required for the entire rehearsal period.

To commence Thursday 17th August

Thursdays – 6.30pm- 10pm

Saturdays – 2pm – 6pm.

Exceptions are the Saturdays listed below

Full Day Rehearsals

Key Saturday Rehearsals – Whole Cast Required

Sat 2nd September 9am-5pm

Sat 21st October 9am-5pm

Sat 28th October 9am-5pm (Dress run)

Sat 4th November 2pm – 10pm (Dress/Tech run)


These Saturdays will be used for:

Character study/work, Fight Choreography, Music/choreography, Scene Work & Running of entire play.


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