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Point Break Drama Acting school is excited to announce the return of the Drama Sports program for Adults to be held in term 1, 2015.

Have you seen the television shows, Thank God You’re Here and Whose Line is It Anyway?

Have you been amazed and thoroughly entertained by the actor’s ability to make up and perform on the spot with no rehearsal? How do they do it?

Point Break Drama’s Theatre Sports course, promises to be a huge amount of fun, and challenging. Best of all there is no dialogue to learn… You just need to attend class for training!

What is Drama Sports?

Drama Sports are a series of drama games (with rules) that utilize an actor’s improvisation talents, allowing students to explore and extend their acting range whilst having a great time doing it. These Improv games will help participants gain a strong grounding in the art of improvisation and make them more rounded performers.

The Course

This high energy Improvisation course will train participants  to play these games with specific emphasis on learning the skills & techniques to play the games properly,  culminating in a Drama Sports competition on the final evening.

The course structure will be the following:

  • Skill development.
  • Learning two to three games a week (half these games will be brand new ones).
  • The Practising and reinforcing of games.
  • Dividing into teams of four to build team dynamic.
  • Competition Night live in front of live audience. Scores and prizes given!

  • Drama Games / Improvisation ( adults)
    Wednesday February 17, 2016 @ 7:30 pm
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