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Point Break Drama Acting School offers singing lessons to all age groups and most levels on Sydney’s northern beaches.  Alternatively singing lessons can be bought directly to your home.

All Singing lessons are private and will be catered towards your individual needs and expectations. Every singer has strengths and weaknesses and our tutors are trained to identify these quickly giving you value for your time and money.

Point Break Drama brings a progressive approach to singing Lessons. Traditional teaching methods are used in combination with various creative visualisation and acting techniques. Our teachers can offer insight into the industry for those seeking a career in Singing. All Point Break Drama’s tutors have professsional experience as performers and teachers.



In Point Break Drama’s singing lessons, students are taught the basics of singing. They learn the parts of the anatomy that assist singing and most importantly how to use them.

Adult students learn to recognize habits and how to break them, children learn how not to form them. Exercises such as breathing, relaxation and body exercises give the student an excellent base and technical exercises from the “Vaccaj Method” allows students to get the most out of singing lessons. With dedication and much hard-work students can become competant singers.

All these exercises are put into practice through songs from different styles allowing the student to focus on one particular area and have a well rounded repertoire.



1 hour singing lesson- $70

1 hour and half singing lesson- $100




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