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Point Break Drama offers regular access to Casting Directors, Dialect coaches, fight choreographers,  and many other specialists through our workshops program. Click here to view the full schedule.

Adult Acting Workshops

Adult Acting Workshops

Point Break Drama offers regular access to Casting Directors, Dialect coaches, fight choreographers and many other specialists through our workshops program.

Teens / Children’s Workshops

Point Break Drama has a regular holiday Drama program for kids & Teens, & offers Casting workshops with the best casting directors in the business.

Spring Holiday Acting Intensive  Kids & Teens

The Holiday Drama workshop is designed to challenge children & teenagers, with new ideas about acting and performance, and give them tastes of different areas.

Point Break Drama’s holiday acting program is an in-depth acting program where participants will move through a series of different classes each day of the workshop, under the tutelage of professional actors.

Once again the course will be split into two age groups. Kids (7-10yrs) and Teens (11-17yrs).

The Drama workshop will take place late in the school holidays on Thurs 5th  & Fri 6th October, 2017 from 9am – 4pm on each day. Book Now/ more info!












Film Acting Advanced - Adults

Film acting is demanding at the best of times. It requires incredible focus and dedication to do it well. Actors must be prepared for the inevitable & difficult task of having to shoot scenes out of sequence, whilst delivering strong believable characters & pitching the performance in the correct emotional / energetic zone. This course will challenge actors to come prepared for class each week delivering performances crafted for the story, and character journey of the piece. Actors will play a series of different scenes playing the same character each week of the course. Starts Wed July 26th. Early – bird to July 23rd. Book NOW!








Screen acting 1 beginners - Adults

Point Break Drama’s Screen acting course at Dee Why, will develop acting, improvisation and audition techniques for the screen, whilst giving participants a grounding in basic acting techniques required for film & television. Participants will be taught a step by step audition process, and how to conduct themselves professionally at castings. With the continual development and practice of these skills, students will approach the casting process with greater confidence and flexibility. Early bird ends July 29th. Starts Aug 2nd. Book Now!!